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 After 27 years of breeding and showing Maine Coon cats, I must finally retire. It is a sad farewell, but I hold dear all the hundreds of families that have loved the Coonhusker Kittens that I produced.  So, Coonhusker Cattery Maine Coons has come to an end.
I can recommend several breeders to you.
Lorelei at:
Alexis at:
Thank you to all who have been a part of this wonderful journey with me.
After living in the Midwest for over 20 years, Coonhusker Cattery has gone South! We are now located in the beautiful area of San Antonio, Texas.  We have been raising CFA registered Maine Coon Cats with love and kisses since 1989. We specialize in browns, blues, reds and patched tabbies, with and without white.

Coonhusker Cattery is deliberately kept small so that each and every cat and kitten can be given individual attention. We only raise a few litters per year, and adoptive families often are on a waiting list. Coonhusker Cats are showered with love and given the finest veterinary attention from birth. When they arrive in your home, they are healthy, happy and full of affection.

For more information on how to acquire on of these delightful companions, e-mail us at

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