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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        The minute I laid eyes on the huge black and white lump of fur, I was in love! So this was what a Maine Coon looked like. I had read about them but this was my first opportunity to see one up close and personal. I knew I had to have one for my own!

Briarson's Aftercoon Delight - my first Maine Coon

 That was in 1985, at a local cat show. It took me until 1989 to finally be owned by one of these beautiful creatures. While attending a cat show in Kansas City, I met and spoke with several breeders who asked me questions about why I wanted a Maine Coon and if I planned to show. I thought that although it might be a fun hobby, I was most interested in just having one to love. I arranged to purchase a blue male Maine Coon kitten from a breeder named Brian Pearson, (now a seasoned CFA Judge as well as a friend). My first Maine Coon, Briarson's Aftercoon Delight, who went by the nickname Buster, began a love story with this wonderful breed that has brought me much joy.

I have continued to show and breed these beautiful, loving cats and I believe that producing healthy, affectionate companions is the only reason to continue. I belong to the CFA Maine Coon Breed Council, where our goal is to keep this truly natural American breed as pure as it was when it was still a wild cat in New England.

I raise kittens with as much handling as possible. They are kissed and cuddled from birth and as members of our home, they are treated as cherished companions. When I place a kitten with a family, I expect the new owners to continue the love and nurturing, along with regular veterinary care. I interview prospective adoptive families to ensure that the kitten will be given a safe and healthy environment.

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